Chamber History

A Chamber of Commerce is more than just an institution; It's a movement. Joining a Chamber of Commerce means being part of a rich tradition of commerce and cooperation.

The first "Chamber of Commerce" was founded in Marseille, France in the 16th Century.


Though this medieval trade association bears little resemblance to our modern chamber, the founding spirit of collaboration, fraternity, and community lives on. The first modern Chambers emerged in Central Europe in the 18th and 19th Centuries, as centers for imperial and commercial invigoration. These Chambers of Commerce were founded by the State and were intended to promote and protect State and Corporate interests. Early American Chambers of Commerce were heavily inspired by those in Germany in France at this time.

The oldest Chamber of Commerce in the United States, as well as the oldest English-speaking Chamber of Commerce in the world, is the New York Chamber of Commerce, founded in 1768. The New York Chamber evolved into a model of the modern American Chamber of Commerce, as a common voice for local business-people to work toward their common benefit, and often, the benefit of the city and nation. Members of the New York Chamber were responsible for the Erie Canal, the New York Transit Authority, and the Atlantic Cable. John Jacob Astor, Peter Cooper, and J.P. Morgan were all members of the New York Chamber of Commerce.

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At Carbondale Public Library. 4:00 PM.
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July 18: Christmas Vacation Night
Sit Back and enjoy Christmas in July at PNC field with this Chevy Chase Comedy Classic.
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July 19: Dunk the Dentist to Benefit Bella Rebar
Friday, July 19th 12pm - 4pm at Century Dental in Archbald, PA.
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July 20: D&H Bike and Yoga Event
Bikers will meet at Forest City trail head for yoga let by Tiffany Debish of Studio Be. Yoga. Everyone is welcome to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings!
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